California Community College Leadership Academy (3cla)


Complete the application and email to CA Community College Leadership Academy Director, Deborah Knowles,, (916) 650-2770.

3CLA Application Final (PDF form)

Who is Eligible?

Any classified employee in the California Community College system. This person will serve as a team lead, and will select a faculty member and an administrator to form a team at their campus. Identifying the team members can be done upon application or before the start of the training (September 18th).

The selection process for participation in the California Community College Leadership Academy (3CLA) is:

    1. Each district submits at least one team to participate.
      a.       All colleges/districts (including multi-college districts) can recommend more than one team.
    2. In the event some districts choose to abstain, those empty slots will be given to districts submitting more than one team.
    3. Should there be more applicant teams than there are available slots, a selection panel (consisting of classified, faculty, and administrators) will decide which teams go.
    4. If only one team is submitted from a district, that team will automatically be included.

What will participants do?

Leadership development will include a broad spectrum of elements:

  • For classified person only, 3-day intensive leadership training, September 19-21, 2017, in Pacific Grove, CA, AND
  • 2 virtual meetings with peer mentors and follow-up, one in October and one in November, happening on an online platform
  • Work with team at local level to develop an equity-based project proposal.
  • Team presents proposal to be considered for implementation at local district Board of Trustees meeting, or other appropriate venue for such a proposal


Training costs, lodging, and food are INCLUDED at no expense to the participants or district.  District is asked to cover the expense of transportation (airfare, mileage, etc.).

Commitments (timelines)

The primary commitments are as follows:

  • September 19-22, 2017, in Pacific Grove, CA
  • Two (2) virtual meetings via an online platform with peer mentors, one in October and one in November (dates to be determined)
  • Complete an equity-based project proposal with local team to be presented and considered for implementation at your local district board of trustees meeting, or other appropriate venue.

Outcomes & Certification

3CLA Outcomes with full participation in the CA Community College Leadership Academy:

  • Present an equity-based project proposal at the local campus/district with the CEOs support to implement as appropriate
  • Certificate of Completion of 3CLA
  • 4CS President will select specific teams to present at Classified Leadership Institute - 2018

Background Information

Introduction to the CA Community College Leadership Academy

Contact for More Information

CA Community College Leadership Academy Director, Deborah Knowles - , (916) 650-2770.