Senate Fundraising Ideas

A Collection of Ideas from our Classified Senates and 4CS Board Members

4CS is collecting and growing a list of fundraising ideas to be shared among the California Classified Senates. Although many senates receive somelocal funding from their districts and/or colleges, additional funding for governance/senate related projects and activities may be of use.

If your senate has had other successful fundraising events or activities, 4CS would like to know about them. Please send us a brief summary of what you did so that we may add it to this page. If you implement any of these ideas, please tell us about your successes and suggestions for improvement. Email your ideas to: Jim Wilson, 4CS President Emeritus.

Fundraising Examples:

Before starting any fundraising activity, please review it with your district's or college's leadership for any limitations, restrictions or concerns that may exist. Links are to example flyers or additional information.

Fundraising Survey

In the Fall of 2009, the members of 4CS (Classified Senates, Councils and Associations) were asked to complete our fund-raising survey. Linked immediately below is the survey results (as a PDF, download file):

4CS Fundraising Survey - Fall 2009

Thank you to all of you who participated in our initial survey.