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By the volunteer efforts of our members and the 4CS Board, 4CS shares community college governance and senate information that may be useful to our members, colleges, districts and educational colleagues in their efforts to serve our students' and communities' educational needs.

4CS Members include approved classified governance bodies established and recognized by their classified staff, including: Member Senates, Councils, Associations, Classified Committees and other recognized classified governance organizations. Financial supporting members (have paid membership dues) automatically receive access to a Gold SurveyMonkey service provided by 4CS.


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Current Senate Leadership Directory
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Quarterly Area Report Form
(Prior to 4CS Quarterly Board Meetings, please complete and submit to area representatives or Regional vice presidents)

Members Annual Update Form (due immediately after elections)

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Classified Senate (Members) Web Sites

4CS SENATE OFFICERS LISTSERV: This listserv is for 4CS and Senate Officers only. The listserv will be updated using the yearlyClassified Senate Update Forms. Past presidents will only be removed by submitting a request to the 4CS Office Manager.

CLASSIFIED LISTSERV: Instructions for joining or removing yourself from the Classified Listserv. Anyone can join this listserv.

Member Senate's Documents

    Code of Ethics

    If you have copies of the following senate documents and would be willing for us to post them here to share with other senates, please send them to jwilson@ccccs.org (Webmaster). Thank you.

    Delineation of Duties ?
    Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) ?

    Through our 4CS Library: History & Data Collection Committee services, you can request copies not currently available on this Web page. Contact Cari Plyley (Chair) to request information.

Sharing Suggestions with other 4CS Members -
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Volunteers - Would you like to help?

4CS is a completely volunteer based organization. We can use your help. If you are interested, and would like to help, please fill out our "Volunteer" form and email it to 4CS (Cari Plyley).

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4CS Resolutions Process

Please review the 4CS Member Senate Resolutions Guide and vote to put the new process into place beginning at the 2015 CLI. Questions regarding this document can be made to cplyley@ccccs.org

Specific Classified Governance Legislative Information