Encouraging Participation in Classified Senates and Commuity College Governance

A Collection of Ideas from our Classified Senates and 4CS Board Members

4CS is collecting and growing a list of ideas to encourage and/or increase classified participation in classified senates and local governance activities and to share those ideas among the California Classified Senates.

As an important part of each college's and district's governance structure, classified senates, councils and associations are comprised of volunteer members of the classified staff. They contribute their knowledge, skills and leadership to assist with local governance activities and decision-making processes.

As a leadership and professional body, classified senates experience member turn-over as the years pass. Classified staff who have been involved in senate activities in the past may move-on to other activities or retire to pursue other desires. New staff without a history of senate involvement may not be aware of the classified senate's presence or purpose. For these and other reasons, classified senates must plan for the future and encourage new staff to become actively involved and knowledgable about the organization.

Senates and colleges benefit when more individuals become active and involved in participatory governance/shared thoughout the State of California. The increased diversity of perspectives and pool of new ideas that comes with more people working together is well worth the effort to encourage others to participate in governance, to grow professionally and to become involved in the district's governance structure. Hopefully, some of these ideas that are shared on this page will help senates encourage new members and past members to participate.

If your senate has had other successful participation increasing events or activities, 4CS would like to know about them. Please send us a brief summary of what you did so that we may add it to this page. If you implement any of these ideas, please tell us about your successes and suggestions for improvement. Email your ideas to: Jim Wilson, 4CS President Emeritus.

Participation Survey

In the Fall of 2009, the members of 4CS (Classified Senates, Councils and Associations) were asked to complete our encouraging participation survey. Linked below is the survey results (as a PDF, download file):

4CS Classified Senate Participation Survey - Fall 2009

Thank you to all of you who participated in our initial survey.