4CS Board Bios

Awana Payne
Southeast 1 Area Representive

San Diego City College

Greetings Classified!

I am currently serving as the San Diego City College Classified Senate President. June 2018 will end my 10th year as an officer on the board. In the past I have served as Secretary and Vice President. I have attended CLI at least seven times and find it to be very informative; the institute promotes action of participants and creates ways for classified employees to unite statewide. My great organizational skills and dedication to assuring the classified voice is heard on campuses, has kept me involved with the classified senate for many years. I take pride in meeting and networking with students, faculty, classified and administrators at the local and state levels. I find it important to contribute to the college in a positive way to meet our mutual goals and value opportunities to learn from others.

In terms of my recent experiences serving in shared governance positions, I have been afforded the opportunity to serve on several governance committees ranging in scope from Professional Development, Title V, Resource Allocation Committee (RAC), College Council, and Strategic Planning as well as several hiring committees. In fall 2016 I was able to bring back a full day of professional development for classified professionals which had been long overdue at our college.

After many years of encouragement and support I have decided to join the 4CS Board as an Area Rep! I am looking forward to assist my regional colleges in every way possible.