4CS Board Bios

Craig Connor
South Vice President

Saddleback College

As of 2020, I am currently approaching my 10th year with the Saddleback College Classified Senate and 12th year as a Saddleback College Classified Professional. Current and past roles include Past President, President, Vice President, Member-at-Large, and Senator. I am interested in expanding my leadership journey, mentoring as well as continued collaboration and networking with faculty, staff, and administrators at the local and state levels. In addition I’m seeking increased contributions in meeting our mutual goals and outcomes while serving the needs of the California Community College System.

I have served on many local governance committees including on the President’s Consultation Council (college), Chancellor’s Council (district), District Wide Planning Council (district), Basic Aid Allocation and Resource Committee (district), Capital Improvement Committee (district), Board Policy/Administrative Regulation Committee (district), College Resource Committee (college), as well as my current role as a Tri-Chair of the Accreditation Steering Committee (college). As part of my former role of Classified Senate President, I appointed classified professionals to all hiring committees and have personally served on over 30 search committees. I’ve also been an active participant and provided leadership in Accreditation preparation, standards IIIB and IV and site visit interviews, master plan development, facilities master plan review, shared (participatory) governance manual revision ad-hoc team, policies/procedures annual review and the current Strategic Plan advisory. 

I hope this glimpse into my participation shows my passion and dedication to the California Community College culture and the importance of classified professional participation in the governance process.