4CS Board Bios

Benita BrionesCari Plyley
President Emeritus
Butte College

I am currently the administrative secretary for Mathematics, Biology, and Physical Sciences departments at Butte College. I have been a full-time employee at Butte since 1985 and am a 25 year veteran of Participatory Governance, serving as the chair of the Butte College Classified Senate Development Committee in 1990 and its first elected president, various other supporting offices, and president again in 1998. At the statewide level, I was a member of the California Community Colleges Classified Senate (4CS) Development Committee in 1991 and was elected to the 4CS executive board in 1996-2001 as the North 1 Area Representative, elected 4CS president elect 2000-2001, 4CS President from 2001-2003, and 4CS Past President for 2003-2004. I am honored to have been granted 4CS president emeritus status and currently serve as 4CS secretary. I have presented numerous workshops on leadership and participatory governance throughout the state at various colleges, events and conventions since 1991. My passion is sharing what I know classified leadership can bring to community colleges and the important opportunity that participatory governance provides classified staff to truly contribute to student success.