4CS Board Bios

Benita BrionesDebra Cantarero
Southwest 1 Area Representative
Pasadena City College

Did you say SHARED GOVERNANCE? Woo Hoo!

I am happily busy juggling rocks in the Natural Sciences Division at Pasadena City College. It is a great job, and I have met lots of really nice people here. Some of those folks also get credit for introducing me to classified leadership and 4CS. I started my senate involvement here at PCC as a senator, and was encouraged by my peers to move up in the ranks of the senate. I was first asked to serve as Vice President and then served as senate President for two terms, ending in 2009. I am currently still serving our senate in an advisory role, as well as continuing to represent the classified viewpoint on various campus committees. I had the opportunity to Co-Chair an Accreditation Writing Group during the accreditation process at PCC, and found the experience very challenging and enlightening.

My dedication to teamwork and assuring the classified voice is heard on campuses around the state has motivated me to get involved with 4CS. I know that involvement in shared governance helps build positive working relationships on a campus, which in turn helps all parties involved build a stronger campus.

I would like every classified employee to take advantage of the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally by serving in shared governance on their campus!