4CS Board Bios

Noha Basilious
Bay 1 Area Representive

Diablo Valley College

Noha Basilious was born and raised in Cairo Egypt, on October 4th, 1974. She attended the American University in Cairo for three years and then moved to the United States. In 2003, she graduated from Diablo Valley College with an AS in Dental Assisting. Ms. Basilious worked in the Dental field for three years and came back to DVC to finish the transfer requirement for UCSF dental school but had a new family member that caused her plans to be changed. She was hired to work at the Admissions and Records office at DVC as an A&R Assistant II and Veterans Certifying Official. Ms. Basilious was the first to establish a Veterans Club at DVC and also the first to plan two annual conferences for veterans that were very well attended by people from Northern and Southern California. In 2008, she was promoted to Senior Admissions Evaluator and still worked as the Veterans Certifying official. She remained at DVC and continued her educational adventure by enrolling at California State East Bay. In 2013 she graduated from CSUEB with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development with Magna Cum Laude.

In December of 2011, Ms. Basilious was promoted to Student Services and Instructional Support Coordinator, Retention Specialist. She worked with at risk students and provided services, tools, and strategies for success. Ms. Basilious felt it was a very rewarding job as she was able to touch students’ lives and see them succeed. Noha Basilious was successful in developing and implementing a new interactive online workshop for students who are on probation that was very helpful for students and was a very useful educational tool as well.

December 2016, she enrolled at the American Public University in West Virginia for her MBA in Organizational Leadership. In April 2017, she moved to the Workforce and Career Transfer Education department as a Transition Specialist. Her main role is to help students enroll in STEM and CTE programs and prepare them for jobs. Ms. Basilious long term goal is to become the VP of student services at her college so that she can utilize all her education and skills in raising the students’ success and retention rate.