Previous Sponsors and Supporting Members

We appreciate your continued support over the years!

The California Community Colleges Classified Senate gratefully acknowledges the following supporting members, corporate sponsors and individual sponsors. By financially contributing to 4CS, you are supporting the efforts of 4CS, our volunteers and members, who are committed to the students and staff of the California Community College System, to the values of participatory governance and its use, to leadership and personal development for the classified staff, and to improving educational services to our communities, businesses, and the people of California. We appreciate your support and please take a moment to visit our Corporate Sponsor's websites.

If you have not yet become a sponsor or supporting member, please consider doing so, today. If you have questions, please contact us.







Chaffey College Classified Senate

Contra Costa College
Classified Senate

Contra Costa District Office Classified Senate

Copper Mountain College Classified Senate

Diablo Valley College Classified Senate

Los Medanos College Classified Senate

San Diego Mesa College Classified Senate

West Valley College
Classified Senate

Butte College
Classified Senate

Chaffey College
Classified Senate

Irvine Valley College
Classified Senate

MiraCosta College
Classified Senate

Pasadena City College Classified Senate

Sierra College
Classified Senate


College Bookstores have donated materials and funds to assist 4CS and CLI. Here is a list of those for this year, so far:

Butte College
Feather River
Santa Barbara City

Thank you for your support to all our financial "partners."



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