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California Community Colleges Classified Staff Awards
Outstanding Classified Leaders - Classified Staff Making A Difference!

We recognize that all classified staff make a positive difference and significantly contribute to the success of our students at each community college and district. The California Community Colleges Classified Senate wants to extend the local recognition that many of our colleagues have received within their local colleges and districts for excellence in service, leadership and participation during this last year. To that end, we collect information from our Classified Senate members and assemble a "Outstanding Classified Leadership Awards" slideshow.

As part of our annual Classified Leadership Institute (CLI) held each year in June, we recognize and honor outstanding classified employees of the year from across the state. We would like to include your classified honorees for the year in this slideshow (graphic) presentation. We will also accept classified of the month and group awards. Please send us information on your award winners in order that your college's classified staff recognition(s) can be extended statewide and shared for others to see. We will include your awards in this year's recognition ceremony in June and afterwards on the 4CS Web site for all to celebrate.

In addition, it is our sincere hope at least one classified staff member from your college plans to attend this year's CLI event and enjoy the conference and the special Award's Dinner at which the slideshow will be presented. Classified Leadership Institute registration links and information can be found when available on the 4CS Web site. Please help by sending us the information we need to recognize your outstanding classified staff (see details, below). Thank you for your time, dedication and efforts to do so.

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Submission Information and Guidelines

For your college or district's award winner(s), please email a brief biographical statement including all of the following information:

Photograph Submission Guidelines:

Please send us the best photograph of the individual or group you can get. If you have a photographic print, please scan it at 150 pixels/inch (or better) and save it as a maximum quality jpeg format (better: a tiff or Photoshop format). If you already have a digital image of at least 72 pixels/inch or better, send us the best quality image you have. We may make small improvements and changes to the image as feasible and needed to fit the format of the presentation.

Submission Information:

CLI Awards and Recognition Program
Our goal is to include and recognize, statewide, all classified staff that have recieved an award during the last year, including last June if they were not included in last year's 4CS recognition presentation. With your efforts to submit their names, photos and information requested (above), they will be included in our slide presentation during the Classified Leadership Institute's 2014 Award Dinner at the next CLI in June, and later posted on this website, after the event.

Local College and District Outstanding Classified Awards
This year the award submissions will be collected online.
To enter your college's or district's Classified Staff Honorees: