4CS Sponsorship competition 2016-2017

A 4CS Fundraising Activity

4CS cannot achieve its goals without the support of California Colleges, classified senates and sponsor contributions. Help raise funds for 4CS, your state senate organization. Be the Classified Senate or Classified Governance Organization to earn the highest number of points for obtaining 4CS sponsorships from now, between July 1, 2015 and March 4, 2016, and win a paid CLI Registration for the 2015 Classified Leadership Institute, to be held June 4-6, 2015 at the Granlibakken Conference Center, Tahoe City (Lake Tahoe), California. (Does not include lodging)

To sign up to participate, submit the entry application for your senate. Get as many sponsors as possible by having them submit sponsorship applications. Make sure to designate on the sponsor application or in the comments section online, your senate name. You will receive one (1) point for every $10 in sponsorships.

Ready to Start? - Download the Sponsorship Competition Information (Flyers and Forms):

4CS Sponsorship Competition Flyer 2016-2017

4CS Sponsorship Competition Entry Form 2016-2017

Sponsorship and Supporting Member Forms - (to be submited with sponsorships and supporting memberships)

Senates must first register to be an active participant of the competition by submitting the above Entry Form.
Please email your entry to 4CS Secretary Cari Plyley, at cplyley@ccccs.org, and start early to earn points!

Have additional questions? Please contact 4CS Secretary Cari Plyley, at cplyley@ccccs.org.

Competition Directions and Prizes

Senates must register on this form as an active participant of the competition.

Please email your entry to 4CS Secretary Cari Plyley, at cplyley@ccccs.org.

*For every $10 donation, a senate will earn 1 point. A $50 sponsorship will earn 5 points, etc. A local senate supporting membership is worth 10 points ($100).
*The senate receiving the highest points will receive a free CLI 2015 Registration scholarship and award.

*All participating senates generating more than $500 will receive a $50 discount on one CLI 2017 registration.

*Participating senates will receive copies of the 4CS Newsletter CONNECTIONS for distribution to sponsors.

THANK YOU :) for participating in this fundraiser to benefit local senates and YOUR statewide organization!

Here’s how to compete!

Tell your friends, colleagues, campus
administrators, managers, faculty and business
contacts that 4CS:

Is a non-profit classified leadership organizations whose primary mission is to support classified leadership training and staff involvement in governance for student success.

Is made up of an all-volunteer board operating with a modest operating budget completely supported by senates, individuals and corporate donations and memberships.

Sponsorship levels range from $10, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, and higher and any amount in between.

All sponsors receive bi-annual 4CS newsletter Connections (other benefits depending on sponsorship level)

Competition, Sponsorship and supporting member forms can be found at www.ccccs.org and clicking on MAKE A DONATION and paying online or mailing donation forms and checks to 4CS Corporate Office, 75 Declaration Drive Suite 1, Chico, CA 95973

Important "Tips" for Success:

Make sure to inform each sponsor to put your senate or classified governance organization name in the comments section of the online pay system or forms.

Use the 4CS Website for publications, flyers, and information that will help you tell about 4CS and encourage others to sponsor, support and donate.


4CS Home Page, 4CS Vision Statement, 4CS Mission Statement, 4CS "Who We Are" Fact Sheet, 4CS Current Sponsors & Supporters List, 4CS Shared/Participatory Governance Position Paper (pdf link), and more: explore the 4CS Web site or contact your local 4CS representative for more information.

4CS is a public benefit, non-profit corporation - 501(c)3. Your donations are tax deductable within the regulations and framework of the Federal and State Tax Codes.