4CS Board Bios

portrait of Laurel KinleyLaural Kinley
West Valley College

I have worked for West Valley College since 1998, serving the learning and research needs of students in the library. ┬áIn 2010, I moved to the President’s Office as the Administrative Specialist for Personnel, where I am able to work more directly with faculty, administration and staff. This will be my ninth year on the Classified Senate, my seventh as President.

My interest in participatory governance grew from my involvement in our classified staff bargaining unit, where I served as West Valley Vice President from 2001-2003 and later as Acting President of the Chapter during the “Furlough Years” 2003/2004. I realized during that time the importance of classified involvement in the decision making process at both the college and the district levels, and began to look for ways to become more actively involved in participatory governance.

As Senate President, I represent the interests, needs and concerns of all West Valley classified staff at the highest levels of participatory governance, in matters that are not negotiated by our unions. I regularly attend College Council, District Council, and Board of Trustee meetings. My goal is to ensure that classified staff has a voice in matters that affect our work, our life, and our well-being, and to advance the college’s mission to support students along their pathways to reach transfer and career goals in an environment of academic excellence.