4CS Board Bios

portrait of Jim WilsonShondra West

Los Medanos College

I work for Los Medanos College as the Sr. Administrative Assistant in the Office Instruction. LMC is part of the Contra Costa Community College District (CCCCD) along with Contra Costa College (CCC) and Diablo Valley College (DVC). I have been working within the CCCCD for 18 years, since 1999 starting my career at CCC.

My experience as a classified professional has been rewarding for many reasons. I became empowered working in the Student Services arena for 13 years while supporting students, staff, and administrators through the community college process which has inspired me to actively participate in the shared governance process; known as participatory governance.

My involvement in participatory governance started as attending meetings to increase my knowledge that would enhance my work experience and to become familiar with district policies and procedures. While attending meetings, I recognized the value of sharing input on various committees; planning – mission statement; curriculum – degree planning; college council – campus policies; district governance – board procedures; which my participation flourished into becoming an advocate for classified.

Currently, I serve as a senator for LMC. My past experience, I have served on CCC Classified Senate as a senator and President. I joined the 4CS Board in 2014 as the Bay Area 1 Representative which allowed me to connect with classified professionals to discuss senate business, in turn taking on an advocacy role statewide. As my statewide responsibilities increased, I progressed into the position of North Vice President leading into 4CS President.

As the President of 4CS, I will adhere to the mission, vision, and goals toward supporting the greater good of Classified Professionals. I will take a proactive stance to support our efforts in having a voice in the community colleges participatory governance process both locally and statewide, so we can continue to promote our engagement in the advancement of student success.