4CS Board Bios

Carmen Anthony (Tony) Novelli III
North 1 Area Representative

Marketing & Community Relations Specialist
Mendocino College

I have been the Marketing and Community Relations Specialist for Mendocino College for about three and a half years. Prior to that, I was a contract graphic designer for the college for about 18 months. These last 5 years represent my first experience working in the educational system. I was a student for varying lengths of time at 3 different community colleges – initially right out of high school in the Chicago suburbs in 1977, then sporadically while living in Tucson for 20 years, and then taking a few classes while employed at Mendocino College.

I have more than 30 years of experience doing graphic design, illustration, desktop publishing and photography. I have also been employed in environmental technology development, city government, in the financial markets long ago in Chicago, and more recently in writing and developing content while managing ecommerce and all graphics needs for RealGoods.com (the oldest solar retailer in the country).
Outside of, and often integrated into this work has been a lifelong pursuit of leadership and personal development. Beginning over 30 years ago in Chicago I have participated in dozens of personal growth and leadership development seminars, workshops and retreats. This has fortified and expanded my leadership capacities and refined my interests in how, when and where I choose to express these capacities.

Since joining Mendocino College, I instantly became interested in workplace and policy issues that affected everyone, from students to fellow workers to faculty and administration. My perspectives and ability to articulate were immediately welcome, and while it was clear there were places I could affect with my skills and experience, I was new enough to the environment that I watched and listened for about a year before throwing my hat in the ring with our Classified Senate. I chose the Senate as it seemed a more suitable vehicle for motivating people outside the discussion of contracts, pay and benefits. At our institution the Senate is also afforded more respect and acceptance as the organization in charge of representing our members in participatory governance.

During my terms as Vice-President, President, and now past-president and 4CS Board member I have helped in reaching out beyond our district for resources and inspiration, which directly affect participation and morale amongst our Classified. With fresh, energetic leadership now in place with our Senate, we are excited about the possibilities for expanding our activities, building connections and teamwork, collaborating more effectively with other constituent groups, and overall, increasing our capacities to serve students and our institution in beneficial ways.